Ève Geneviève Aline Valois

Ève Geneviève Aline Valois, Quelle: Fandango

Birth date: February 9 1963 (Clermont-Ferrand, France

Death date: March 5 2000 (Grasse, France)

Reason of Death: Suffocation

Pseudonym: Lolo Ferrari


Eve had an unhappy childhood and was bulimic in her teens. She often talked about her childhood, with her father absent and her mother Catherine Valois disliking her.

„My mother told me I was ugly and stupid,“ she told one interviewer. „She said I was only good for emptying chamber pots. I wanted to be an anaesthetist, but you can't learn with a mother like that. Actually, I'm like my mother. She thinks she's ugly too. When I was born, it was herself that she saw and she stuck all sorts of negative stuff on me. She did all she could to stop me living.“

To another interviewer, she went further: „My mother was always very unhappy with my father. My father was this macho guy who was never there and deceived her openly. So she revenged herself on me. She told me I was revolting too, that no one would ever want me. She hit me sometimes with a riding crop. I was frightened and I was ashamed; I wanted to change my face, my body, to transform myself. I wanted to die, really.“

Her first job was in a club as a waitress but by 1986 she was posing in porn magazines and also posed topless for amateur photographers on the beach at Cannes.

Eve was in the Guiness Book of Records for posessing the biggest breasts in the world - they weighed one eighth of her body weight before she died. The cosmetic surgery operations began in 1990 after her marriage to Eric Vigne, a former drug dealer 15 years her senior who had just been released from prison, who orchestrated the surgeries. There were more than 20 operations during the next four years. Lolo is the french word for „tit“

Sheila Jeffreys writes:

„Vigne was a transvesite interested in transsexuality. He had a fear of surgery so would not create the perfectly feminine face he wanted by cutting up his own. He used his wife as a canvass on which to create the extreme version of feminity he found exciting […] Vigne functioned as her pimp in various ways, exhibiting Lolo on nightclubs around Europe where thousands of men would go to see her breasts, and using her porn films in the early 1990s. He also had a prostitution conviction for living off the immoral earnings of his wife […] In one performance […she] fell from the stage unconscious. She was taking a great many drugs to anaesthize herself and was unable to sleep easily because her breasts prevented lying on her front or back. Operations on her nose meant she had difficulty breathing and just before her death she weighed only 48 kg.“

Eve made several suicide attempts and once said:

„All this stuff has been because I can`t stand life. But it hasn`t changed anything. There are moments when I disconnect totally from reality. Then I can do anything, absolutely anything. I swallow pills. I throw myself out of windows. Dying seems very easy then.“


Sheila Jeffreys: Beauty and Misogny. Harmful cultural practices in the West. Routledge, 2015.

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