Heather Michelle Charters Hernandez

Heather Hernandez, Quelle: IAFD

Alias: Natali DeMore

Born: October 14, 1976 (Springfield, Lane County, Oregon, USA)

Died: August 3 2012 (San Fernando, Los Angeles County, California, USA)

Age: 35

Cause of Death: Suicide

Heather graduated from North Eugene High School in 1995. She graduated with a bachelor of science degree in fine and applied arts from the University of Oregon in 2000. She worked as a photographer, computer graphic designer and an artist.

Heather married Marc Hernandez on July 1997 in Eugene.

Heather was the owner of and

Heather died of a shotgun blast in a suicide pact with 60 year-old director Jack Banner, in her production studio in Van Nuys, California.

They were found with the sounds of „In the arms of an angel“ by Sarah McIachlan

“Her and her editor at her company were found on Saturday by her sister-in-law, who was sent to the studio where she was at to see if she was ok. There was a suicide note. It was a suicide pact.”

Liam Lockran

Sometime during the day on Friday August 3, Jack Banner mailed out packages to some of his favorite models. The packages contained letters and in some cases gifts of wardrobe. The letters indicated his intention of suicide. On Friday night, Heather and Jack went to Heather's studio. They had purchased a double-trigger mechanism so that two attached firearms could go off simultaneously. They arranged a spot in the studio to do this where the ammunition would discharge up toward the ceiling so as not to endanger anyone in adjacent studios. Heather was the one who activated the mechanism.

Heather and Jack were not romantically involved. They had known each other a long time and at some point had discovered each others' interest in committing suicide. They dialogued about this idea at length via emails; the records were found on their computers after their deaths.

A workmate said:

„I think her site had taken some hits, as the rest of the industry has. I know she relied on a lot of custom work. She was going through some personal stuff, a divorce. She also had a lot of physical pain, especially her shoulder. Apparently [Jack] also had some serious physical things going on.”


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