Yurizan Beltrán Lebanue

Yurizan Beltran, Quelle: The Sun

Alias: Yuri Luv

Date of Birth: November 2, 1986 (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Date of Death: December 13, 2017 (Bellflower, California, USA)

Reason of Death: drug overdose

Age: 31

Yuris parents both were from Mexico and moved to Los Angeles in the 1970s. She finished school with 22 and worked as a nurse for a year.

Yuri appeared on the cover of Lowrider magazine at 18-years-old, before she went to pose for her first nude spread in Penthouse magazine. She performed in more than 200 adult films.

Yuri Beltran died of an apparent drug overdose. She was discovered by the owner of the house where she was living in Bellflower, CA. There were pills found near the bed. The night before, she got into a fight with her boyfriend. Relationship problems constantly plagued her, a friend said. Apparently, she also owed money to the government and her paychecks from the adult industry were being garnished. After her last job, she tried to avoid the government by having her money sent to someone else through a wire transfer, but she never received the payment for her work.

Yuri had planned to leave the porn industry and set up an animal rescue business with her friend Yoko Senesac.

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