Cemile Cebiyeva

Age: 25 Azeri (Azerbaijani national)

Septemer 6 2012

Pınarbaşı, Ezine, Çanakkale

Cemine had been missing since September 6 2012. Her body was found at Pınarbaşı Pond on January 5 2013.

Police could retrace two men who had been in contact with Cemile through her mobile prior to her death. Since the murder these two had been in constant contact with two others. All of them were detained.

The four men E.S., age 24, O.D., age 22, M.D., age 18 and E.Y., age 17, confessed to the murder of Cemile. They had sex with her for money. During a discussion about 50 Turkish Lira that they supposedly paid too much, E.S. became angry and killed Cemile by hitting her head with a piece of wood. Then they threw her body in the Küçükmenderes river.

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