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 ====== 2010 - today ====== ====== 2010 - today ======
-October 24 2015: **Roseline**,​ Obollo-Afor,​ Enugu, Nigeria, ​ murdered by sexbuyer Ikechukwu Oga in a brothel 
-October 10 2015: **Eunice Wanjku Njuguna**, 29, Nyahururu Town, Kenya, murdered by a sexbuyer in a hotel room 
-October 2015: **Agnes Pichan**, 25, Arua, Uganda, ​ the body of Agnes was found on her bed with several used condoms, a rope and some money. The police spokesman explained that sex workers did envy her of being beautiful and having many clients 
-August 2 2015: **Name unknown**, Abeokuta, Nigeria, tortured and murdered by a sexbuyer 
-July 21 2015: **Noel Wilson Luthers**, alias '​Nephi',​ trans, Georgetown, Guyana, shot to death while reportedly involved in a discussion with a man  
-July 11 2015: **Unit Gondo**, 22, Budiriro, Harare, Zimbabwe, murdered by sexbuyer Pardon Mandunguza (26), he killed her after suspecting that she had stolen $30 from his wallet. Her payment had been $5 
-June 5 2015: **Senzeni Sibanda**, 29, Inyathi, Zimbabwe, murdered with an axe by a man named Dube who was in his late 50s 
-May 12 2015: **Memory Mpofu**, 25, Paddonhurst,​ Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Memory was undressed and lying face down on a bed. A piece of cloth was stuffed in her mouth and there were no visible bruises or blood on her body. She was murdered by a sexbuyer 
-April 29 2015: **Soneni Moyo**, Zvishavane, Zimbabwe, Mberengw turn-off along Zvishavane-Bulowayo highway. Soneni got raped, blood-sucked and strangled to death by  Alois Tapiwa Nduna (also: Jackson Moyo). Nduna claims to be an agent of a satanic cult which thrive on human blood 
-April 14 2015: **Rita Phiri**, 45, Zvishavane, ​ Zimbabwe, foodpath between Zvishavane Hospital and Prince Street, Alois Tapiwa Nduna (also: Jackson Moyo) engaged her for $3, after the "​show"​ he sucked her blood before strangling her and dumping her body in a nearby bush 
-September 2 2014: **Carmen Williams**, 30, Cape Town, Woodstock, South Africa, found under a bridge, she was eight months pregnant ​ 
-August 18 2014: **Desiree Murugan**, 39, indian, Durban, Shallcross Stadium, South Africa, stabbed 192 times and head decapitated by sexbuyer and five other man (three of them minors) 
-August 3 2014: **Anita Mambumba**, 38, Cape Town, Khayelitsha,​ South Africa, died from a head injury 
-August 2 2014: **Shemise Gordon**, "​Klientjie",​ 19, Cape Town, Kenilworth, South Africa, beaten and stabbed, Shemise had run away from home and was using drugs 
-July 28 2014: **Anisa Adams**. 25, Cape Town, Loop Street, South Africa, found murdered in the street+  
-July 2014: **Sonja Pietersen**,​ 22, Cape Town, Heathfield, South Africa, shot to death  
-April 26 2014: **name unknown**, Huruma, Estate, Nairobi, Kenya, her body was found under the bed in a lodging ​ 
-November 26 2013: **Darshanie**,​ 33, Guyana, Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice, beaten to death 
-November 4 2013: **Shakirah Saulat**, 25, Wasswa zone, Makindye, Uganda 
-August 22 2013: **name unknown**, Harare, Zimbabwe murdered by sexbuyer Freddy Jasam (28 years old) 
-July 11 2013: **Esther**, 16, Lokpanta, Abia State, Nigeria, murdered, remains found in uncompleted building 
-April 13, 2013: [[prostituiertenmorde:​africa:​nokuphila_kumalo|Nokuphila Kumalo]], 23, Cape Town, South Africa 
-March 13 2013: **Anita Tumelo Loba**, Steelport, South Africa, murdered by sexbuyer Paul Andrew Opperman (age 25) 
-February 2013: **J.**, Kigali, Rwanda, was found dead in her house after having "​sex"​ with a client. Her body was naked, mutilated and bloodied. She had become a prostitute in order to support her family 
-//2012: 15 prostituted women killed in Kigali, Ruanda// 
-October 16 2012: **Brenda Chumbi**, 22, Mzuzu, Thandeka Resthouse, Malawi, presumably murdered by malawi army soldier Symon Msowoya. Brenda was strangled to death 
-February 2010: **Adrin Erna Haf**, "​Josie",​ 24, South-Africa beach near Noordhoek, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, was found semi-naked, Adrin was raped and then bludgeoned to death, then tossed into the sea 
-February 2 2010: **Jacqueline Wambui**, 25, Suitable Lodging House, Thika, Kenya, murdered by sexbuyer and serial killer Philip Onyancha in the red light district, body was found naked and the neck broken, ​ 
-January 2010: **Hellen Nyambura**, Rwambogo Lodgings, Thika, Kenya, body was found with the neck broken and stashed under the bed in the red light district, murdered by serial killer Philip Onyancha 
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