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Prostitution murders in Australia

2010 - today

January 16 2020: Kimberley McRae, 69, Sydney 1)

August 13 2019: Michaela Dunn, 24, Sydney, got her throat slit by sexbuyer Mert Ney, 20

May 13 2018: Dasha Volnoukhin, 22, Nerang, committed suicide. Dasha had been brutally sexually assaulted by a sexbuyer in 2016 and suffered depression ((„“

July 21 2017: Name unknown, 39, Romantics Hotel, Brunswick, Melbourne. Murder Attempt by sexbuyer Domenico Natale, 88 years old, because she did not want to see him anymore. Natale stalked her beforehand.

April 18 2016: Rose Ryan, 33, Robin Avenue, Norlane, Victoria, died of cardiac arrest.

October 12 2015: Pippa O`Sullivan, Adelaide, 28

July 12 2015: Tiffany Taylor, 16, Brisbane, murdered by sexbuyer Rodney Wayne Williams (age 60). Tiffany was pregnant

January 1 2015: Ting Fang, 25, chinese, Adelaide

October 5 2014: Mayang Prasetyo, 27, trans, Brisbane, Mayangs body was dismembered and scattered about her apartment, with some pieces boiling on the stove, murdered by Marcus Volke (28)

July 21 2013: Tracey Connelly, 40, St. Kilda

October 2012: Jessie Anne Wilson, 24, Mt Gambier

May 4 2012: Debara Martin, 43, Bowraville, was recovering from breast cancer, beaten to death, murdered by former client and ex-boyfriend Adam John Kennedy, 26, because she wanted to go back into the sex trade

October 11 2011: Johanna Martin, 65, „Jazzy-O“, Port Melbourne, Evans Street, was found dead in Port Melbourne, Lorimer Street, murdered by Steve Constantinou, 48

December 5 2010: Shuxia Yuan, 52, Gladstone, Queensland, murdered by john James William Glenn, 20, she was stabbed 23 times, he had phones her from her escort advertisement in a newspaper and met with her in a hotel

September 9 2010: Rebecca Apps, 28, Barack Heights, near Wollongong, murdered with a tomahawk by David John Dunn, 29

2000 - 2009

September 14 2008: Emma Jane King, 33, Ashfield, Margaret Street, murdered by john Michael Robert Potts, 44, he hid her naked body under his bed, he stabbed her to death and then had sex with her body, Potts has already served seven years in jail for the manslaughter of his father in 2000 (he had not bought him a worthy birthday gift), he was released after his minimum term, but his parole was revoked eight months later when he wrote a letter to a child, which included a used condom, a photograph and money.

September 5 2008: Janine Cameron, 17, a Fyshwick brothel, Canberra. Janine died from a combination of pneumonia and a heroin overdose one month after her 17th birthday.

July 17 2004: Grace Ilardi, 39, Elwood, was found covered in glass after she was fatally bashed, murdered by former Olympic weightlifter Quincy Detenamo, 25, from the Pacific Island Nauru, Detenamo allegedly murdered her after giving evidence at Australian weightlifter Caroline Pileggi's unsuccessful appeal in Melbourne against a two-year ban imposed by the Australian Drug Sports Agency. In 1996, Detenamo became one of the first three people to represent Nauru - which has a population of just 12,000 - at an Olympic Games when he competed at Atlanta.

August 13 2003: Kelly Hodge, 26, Melbourne, St. Kilda, she had only recently failed to beat her heroin addiction through a methadone program, her body was found tied and wrapped in a blanket near Old Sydney Road at Beveridge, north of Melbourne., murdered by Novica Jakimov, 36

March 1 2004: Somjai Insamnan, 27, thai, Palms Motel, McMinn Street, Darwin. Body was pulled from the Adelaide river.

March 1 2004: Phuangsri Kroksamrang, 58, thai, Palms Motel, McMinn Street, Darwin. Body was pulled from the Adelaide river.

March 5 2003: Julie McColl, 42, born in New Zealand, Brisbane, stabbed to death 20 times by sexbuyer Francis Fahey

March 2003: Darylyn Meridith Ugle, body was found in April 2003 near Mundaring Weir. allegedly murdered by Donald Victor Morey

August 8 2002: Jasmin Crathern, 41, Brisbane, was stabbed to death repeatedly by sexbuyer Francis Fahey

November 2001: Rebecca Delalande, 23, Seville Grove, beaten to death

November 8, 2000: Sarah McMahon, 20, Claremont, allegedly murdered by Donald Victor Morey

1990 - 1999

November 10 1998: Lisa Brown, 19, Perth, disappeared

November 7 1998: Rachael Campbell

August 1998: Clare Garebedian, 21, Motel Riverdale, Perth, murdered by Martin Graeme Coates, Amanda Kaylene Hoy and two others

February 12 1998: Elizabeth Rebekka Henry, 30, Bygotts Road, Samford

February 9 1998: Karen Redmile, 29, Brisbane, was beaten into coma and left in Harcourt Street. She survived the murder attempt

October 1997: Margaret Maher, 40, Somerton, Melbourne

June 17 1997: Kristy Harty, 18, Victoria, Princes Highway, was picked up by a john and they drove to a secluded bush track in Upper Beaconsfield where they had unprotected „sex“. Harty was later murdered. Her semi-naked body was found lying face down by bushwalkers. A single gunshot wound was discovered at the rear of her head, murdered by Bandali Debs

April 21 1995: Donna Anne Hicks, 34, Sydney, Archbold Drive, was shot dead after „sex“, murdered by Bandali Debs

March 30 1994: Samantha Mizzi, 23, St. Kila, Melbourne

January 31 1992: Pia Navida, 37, filipino, Sydney her brutally, smashed and abused body was found in the Royal National Park in 1992, murdered by Steve Isac Matthews, 43

April 7 1991: Amanda Byrnes, 23, Melbourne/Elwood, was stabbed and beaten to death

September 13 1990: Roslyn Hayward

May 28 1990: Sharon Taylor

1980 - 1989

September 17 1988: Cary-Jane Pierce

December 1987: Jodie Larcombe

April 22 1987: Cheryl Burchell

September 26 1986: Lillian Lorenz

February 6 1986: Sallie-Anne Huckstepp

August 26 1984: Lovina Cunningham

January 24 1980: Marion Sandford

1970 - 1979

November 4 1978: Colleen Moore

September 1978: Adele Bailey

July 12 1974: Elaine Yvonne King

November 13 1973: Margaret Grace Ward

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