Prostitution Murders in Brazil

September 16 2018: Kemily, 25, trans, Belem, shot to death

September 15 2018: Abya Passos Mantovanny, 33, trans, Cuiaba, stabbed to death

September 2 2018: Rafaela Sena, 33, trans, Xique-xique, shot to death

September 1 2018: Deia Alves Maciel, 36, trans, Goiania, stabbed to death

August 12 2018: Renata, trans, Cabo de Santo Agostino, shot to death

August 9 2018: Karlla da Silva Balbino, trans, Caratinga, strangled to death

July 28 2018: Gaby Arantes, trans, Rio de Janeiro

July 23 2018: Paola Villefort, 19, trans, Nova Serrana, stabbed to death

July 17 2018: Daniela Cicarelli, 24, trans, Gurupi, shot to death

April 22 2018: Nycoly Souza Nardoni Bhals, 26, trans, Governador Valadares, shot to death

April 20 2018: Nati da Silva, 30, trans, Lajeado, shot to death

March 20 2018: Paola Oliveira, 35, trans, Luziania, shot to death

March 19 2018: N. Naza, 45, trans, Ananindeua, shot to death

March 19 2018: Bruna Gabriel, 19, trans, Ananindeua, shot to death

March 16 2018: J. Oliveira da Silva, 28, trans, Vila Velha, shot to death

March 4 2018: Samielly Castro, 19, trans, Sao Paolo, shot to death

March 1 2018: Shayene, trans, Rio de Janeiro, shot to death

March 1 2018: Alessandra da Silva Alves, 50, trans, Rio de Janeiro, shot to death

February 27 2018: Fernanda Dias, 29, trans, São Mateus, shot to death

February 18 2018: Laysla Oliveira, 18, trans, Ribeirão Preto, beaten to death

January 17 2018: Carol Alvez, trans, Tangará da Serra, shot to death

January 3 2018: Fany Diniz, 30, trans, Belem, shot to death

January 1 2018: Silvia Gomes Marques, 34, trans, Belem.

December 11 2017: Luna Shine, 27, trans, Viana, stabbed to death

December 9 2017: Luany Aquamarine, trans, Rio de Janeiro, beaten to death

December 7 2017: Jéssica Dimy, 23, trans, Rio de Janeiro

December 3 2017: Eduarda Figureiredo, 17, trans, Porta Seguro, shot to death

December 1 2017: Milena, trans, Amapiraca, stoned to death

October 30 2017: Maikon Brenner da Silva Dias, 21, trans, Manaus, stabbed to death

October 29 2017: Niely Lafontayne, 30, trans, Macapá, shot to death

October 22 2017: Verônica Alves, 28, trans, Luziania

October 21 2017: Bárbara Mendes, 25, trans, João Pessoa, shot to death

October 20 2017: Nathalia dos Santos, 21, trans, Gurupi, shot to death

July 25 2016: Nayara, 23, trans, Goiania, shot do death. Nayara's body was found in front of a motel.

May 16 2016: Lauandersa, 20, trans, Cruzeiro do Sul Av., Genipabu, Caucaia, shot do death. The body had approximately 30 machete wounds, mainly located in the back. The fact that the victim was half naked and next to condoms reinforces the theory that the perpretator was a sexbuyer.

May 9 2016: Taina Pereira Alencar, 22, trans, Londrina, stabbed to death in the neck by a sexbuyer

January 23 2016: Ketelen Alves, 23, trans, Manaus, shot do death. Ketelen was shot twice in the abdomen by a potential sexbuyer who approached Ketelen in a car

January 17 2016: Giovana Atanazio, trans Sao Jose, drowned. Giovana was last seen entering a sexbuyers's car. The dead body was found three days later among the rocks on the river's shore

December 22 2015: J. Andrade de Almeida, 27, trans, Caldas Novas, was stabbed to death. J. was approached by a man on a car, got into the car and minutes later got out, already stabbed.

December 11 2015: Hiltinha, trans, Manaus. Hiltinha was thrown out of a car in front of a supermarket and still had a condom on.

November 25 2015: Rafaela da Silva Neto, 42, trans, Sao Paulo, was stabbed to death. Rafaela was found in a hotel room with a deep cut in her throat

November 11 2015: Vanessa Conceição Ribeiro, 36, Campo Grande, shot to death by sexbuyer Kefferson Gustavo Pereira, 20, with five shots

April 16 2015: Amanda Bueno, 29, Rio de Janeiro, was murdered by her boyfriend Milton Vieira Severiano , 32, who already had a a history of violence against women. The murder was captured by security cameras. She was having her head repeatedly slammed onto a concrete floor. Moments later she was shot five times with a shotgun. Amanda, also known as Cicera Alves de Sena, became an online celebrity during the 2014 World Cup. She hit headlines during the World Cup when she evaded security to steal selfies with the stars of Brazil’s team

July 15 2015: Regina Patricia Nunes, 37, “Casa dos Drinks”, Itajá, shot to death with a firearm in a brothel by Isaac Mendonça de Lucena, 30. Regina Patricia is said to have been the owner of the brothel and the main target

July 15 2015: Antonia Francisca Bezerra Vicente, 32, “Casa dos Drinks”, Itajá, shot to death with a firearm in a brothel by Isaac Mendonça de Lucena, 30

July 15 2015: Maria da Conceição Pedrosa, 21, “Casa dos Drinks”, Itajá, shot to death with a firearm in a brothel by Isaac Mendonça de Lucena, 30

July 15 2015: Maria Daiane Batista, 20, “Casa dos Drinks”, Itajá, shot to death with a firearm in a brothel by Isaac Mendonça de Lucena, 30

July 15 2015: Cassia Rayane Santiago Silva, 17, “Casa dos Drinks”, Itajá, shot to death with a firearm in a brothel by Isaac Mendonça de Lucena, 30

March 20 2015: Francisco Robson Caetano Elias, „Bianca Araujo“, 22, trans, Juscelino Kubistchek, Fortaleza, shot to death six times by a pimp

February 22 2015: Lara Machado, 16, trans, Parauapebas, murdered by a sexbuyer

January 26 2015: Katia Loup Pereira, 20, Vila Carvalho, Campo Grande, stabbed to death with 23 stitches by sexbuyer Jorge Armando Vieira Junior, 35, who tried to commit suicide after the murder

March 28 2014: Giovana Souza Silva, 33, trans, Jardins, Sao Paulo, between Meadow Street and Avenue Indianapolis

March 6th, 2009: Letícia Peres Mourão, 31, Brasilian, was prostituted in a brothel in Tarragona, Spain and was murdered by a hired killer named Lúcio Flávio Barbosa in Brasilia after denouncing the brothel owner for forced prostititution. 1) 2)

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