Kátia Loup Pereira

Age: 20

January 26 2015

Wiskeria Pantanal, Rua da Redenção, Vila Americana, Campo Grande

Jorge Armando Vieira Junior, Source: Caarapo News

Kátia was from Ladário.

Kátia was stabbed to death with 23 stabs by her client Jorge Armando Vieira Junior, age 35. He was a waiter in the nightclub, where Kátia worked.

In his confession Vieira told the police that he killed her because he was unable to have sex because of erectile dysfunction caused by the Whiskey and cocaine mix he had. Kátia demanded her payment of R$400, but Vieira said he didn`t have the money. He tied her with a belt and proceeded to stab her with a scissor into back, neck and chest until she was dead. Vieira tried to commit suicide after the murder.

Vieira was convicted to 18 years in prison. The court ruled:

„The victim did not contribute to the crime, in fact, she was killed precisely because she trusted the accused to perform the sexual act, when she was trying to earn a living”

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