Prostitution murders in Canada

„From 1991 to 2014, there were 294 homicides of [prostituted persons] in Canada, almost all (96%) of which involved a female victim.“ 1)

2020 - 2029

November 5 2021: Name unknown, 25, Montreal, murdered by client 2)

October 7 2020: Name unknown, in her 40s, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, attempted murder by Peter Pasco, 47 3) (murder attempt)

February 24 2020: Ashley Noell Arzaga, age 24, North York, Toronto 4) 5)

January 23 2020: Vanessa Primeau, 23, Montreal, was found dead in a burning garage 6) 7)

January 22 2020: Marylène Lévesque

2010 - 2019

July 23 2019: Melanie, 44, Stony Plain, Edmonton, murder-suicide by her partner 8) 9)

September 21 2018: Tiffany Anne Marie Peters

November 25 2017: Tess Richey, 23, Toronto, Ontario, was murdered on her birthday.

November 11 2017: Victoria Head

October 27 2017: Josephine Glenn

September 18 2017: Sisi Thibert, 26, trans, Mullins St. apartment building, Pointe St. Charles, Montreal, Québec, was stabbed to death by Jean Edens Lindor, 24

August 31 2017: Valerie Maurice, 29, Edmonton, Alberta, was strangled to death. She was controlled by a pimp. 10)

August 31 2017: Sharon Barron, 27, inuit, Montreal, Quebec (suicide)

August 29 2017: Siasi Tullaugak, 27, inuit Montreal, Quebec

August 2017: Rori Hache, Oshawa, murdered by Adam Strong 11)

July 2017: Alloura Wells, 21, trans, Toronto, Ontario

May 29 2017: Traci Genereaux, 18, Vernon, British Columbia, was murdered by Curtis Sagmoen, 36

April 20 2016: Deanna Deajarlais, 27, Vancouver

January 30 2016: Sylvia Consuelo

January 23 2016: Tammy Le

October 30 2015: Dianna Teresa Wilk, 28, near 173 Street and 11 Avenue SW, Edmonton, Alberta, shot to death

October 11 2014: Evelyn Bumatay Castillo, 43, filipin, Quality Inn, Britannia Road East, Mississauga, Ontario, murdered by sexbuyer Niran Vade “Nick” Murray, 32.

December 12 2013: Jiali Zhang, 40, Toronto, blunt force trauma

December 8 2013: Jill Lyons, 45, Westminister, British Columbia, murdered, found in apartment

November 24 2013: Rosa Ribut, 35, trans, Edmonton, indonesian citizen, murdered by 20-year-old Marcel Cristian Niculae

November 6 2013: Jodi Clarissa Roberts, 24, North Saskatchewan, remains found by a river

October 31 2013: Lisa Ann Zielke

September 3 2013: Amy Paul

August 25 2013: Karen Nabors, 48, Westminister, British Colombia, murdered, found in apartment

July 13 2013: Janina Wrigglesworth

March 25 2013: Polina Kazanceva, 19, Calgary

February 11 2013: Martine Clément

February 2013: Janice Shore, Surrey

September 30 2012: January Marie Lapuz, 29, Wesminster, British Columbia, murdered by Jamie Neel

July 26, 2012: Gloria Brown, 38, Toronto, murder attempt by john Barrie Mann, 52, “I’m a caring, giving person by nature,” said Mann, now on trial for the attempted murder and brutal beating of a prostitute. “I’m not a violent man.” 12)

April 6 2012, Cassandra Wilson, 41, Kamloops, disappeared without a trace, she was fighting addiction issues

December 18 2011: Carolyn Sinclair, 25, Winnipeg, Manitoba, body was disovered in March 2012, killed and sexual assaulted by Shawn Lamb, Lamb had different convictions of sexual assaults, buying sex from minors and trying to push a 14 year old girl into the sex trade

November 2011: Leanne Freeman, 23, Toronto, murdered by Jonathan Ash of Toronto and Robert Beauregard of Whitby

September 2 2011: LeeAnne Lawson, 23, Ottawa, was found in an alley behind the Ottawa Hydro building at 351 King Edward Ave, killed by Marc Leduc, 56

June 23 2011: Cindy Gladue, 36, Edmonton, Yellowhead Inn, killed during „rough sex“ murdered by john Bradley Barton, he was found not guilty by the court because it was „consensual sex“

February 19 2011: Mylène Dupuis

August 19 2010: Jennifer Leigh Stewart

July 28 2010: Nadine Taylor

2010: Darlene MacNeill, 35, Toronto

2000 - 2009

November 2009: Nicole Parisien, 33, Vancouver, murdered by rugby player Andrew William Evans

August 25 2009: Laura Furlan, 38, Calgary, Fish Creek Park, murdered by Christopher Dunlop

August 10 2009: Sonia Frappier, 30, Chomedey, Quebec, was found battered to death and semi-nude in a parking lot often used for prostitution

July 23 2009: Lisa Arlene Francis, 41, Vancouver, was found dead in the Fraser River, near the 9100 block of Bentley Street.

March 3 2009: Ping Li

August 25 2008: Margaret Holywhiteman, 44, Edmonton, Canada

June 28 2008: Chantel Robertson, 20, Edmonton 13)

June 5 2008: Shannon Collins, 29, Edmonton 14)

June 4 2008: Pamela Kosmack, 39, Ottawa, beaten near Brittania Park bike path

February 21 2008: Brianna Danielle Torvalson

2008: Kandis Fitzpatrick, 19, Oshawa, murdered by Adam Strong 15)

October 15 2007: Nicole Blanchette, 49, Montreal, Quebec, was battered to death and left half-nude in a wooded area left for prostitution. Bernard Amelin, 40, was arrested in 2008 and charged with premediated murder. He ist suspected of many other sexual assaults with battery during the 5 preceding years.

August 28 2007: Nicole Parisien, 33, indigenous, 1450 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, murdered by Andrew William Evans, 25.

August 9 2007: Fonassa Bruyere

July 13 2007: Aynsley Aurora Kinch, 35, Winnipeg, mother of three, murdered by Stanton Viner, 49

July 7 2007: Sheryll Lynn Koroll

July 2007: Crystal Dawn Jack, 30, Halifax, Nova Scotia, remains found 2011

June 21 2007: Leanne Lori Benwell, 27, was found dead near Highway 795 and Township Road 470, between the town of Calmar and Pigeon Lake, 68 kilometres south of Edmonton

May 24 2007: Marie-France Robichaud, 52, Chambly, Quebec, was found strangled and half-nude in the trunk of a burned-out car that she used to visit punters. Martin Tétreault, 28, an ex-con, was arrested the next day. Sentence: 13 years.

March 13 2007: Gwendolyn Lawton, 46, Abbotsford, murdered by Davey Butorac

December 10 2006: Kelly Morrisseau, 27, Gatineau, Ottawa, mother of three, seven months pregnant at the time of her death, was found naked and bleeding from stab wounds in a Gatineau Park parking lot, had been forced into prostitution

May 19 2006: Bonnie Lynn Jack, 37, Edmonton, lived on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for more than two decades before moving to Edmonton, Alberta, body was found two kilometers south of Fort Saskatchewan

May 2006: Theresa Merri Innes, 36, Edmonton, body was found in Fort Saskatchewan, murdered by Thomas Svekla, 38

February 11 2006: Guylaine Bélanger

May 9 2005: Tatia Ulm, 39, Winnipeg, was found in a garbage bin in the back lane of Stella Avenue in the North End

April 9 2005: Sherri Lee Hiltz

April 8 2005: Charlene Gauld, 20, „Roxanne“, Edmonton, worked in the areas along 95th street, her burned remains were found April 18 2005 near Camrose, Charlene was waiting to get into a methodone program

April 1 2005: Ellie May Meyer

January 3 2005: Cynthia Kudjick

December 31 2004: Samantha Tayleen Berg

December 9 2004: Maggie Burke, 21, Edmonton, 118th Avenue, disappeared without a trace

October 2004: Nathalie Fournier, 28, Montreal, Quebec. Nathalie was found dead on October 7 2008 in a sand pit in the state of New York, 4 years after her disappearance. Her killer, trucker Adam Morris, 32, confessed while being investigated for producing juvenile pornography and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

October 1 2004: Divas Boulanger, 28, trans, Winnipeg, was found dead Nov. 3, 2004 in the bushes at a rest stop on the Trans-Canada Highway about eight kilometres east of Portage la Prairie., died of trauma after was last seen Oct. 1 near Martha Street and Higgins Avenue, murdered by Theodore Raymond Herntier, 40

June 6 2004: Rachel Quinney, 19, Edmonton, body was found on June 11 2004 in Strathcona County, murdered by Thomas Svekla, 38

May 13 2004: Delores Dawn Brower

May 9 2004: Corrie Ottenbreit, 27, Edmonton, 118th Avenue, disappeared without a trace, remains identified in July 2015

March 24 2004: Stephanie Ann Buboire, 30, Winnipeg, found slain in rundown Burnell Street apartment in West End. Dwayne (Sean) Lorne Powell was charged with second-degree murder

March 10 2004: Shana Lee Labatte

October 13 2003: Lien Pham, 39, 24 Mabelle Ave., Etobicoke 16)

October 2 2003: Nicole Hands, 32, Winnipeg, died at Health Sciences Centre after being found unconscious on floor of her Mountain Avenue apartment in North End.

September 20 2003: Véronique Lalonde, 21, Montreal, Quebec was raped, strangled and knifed to death by Karol Desjardins, 25, who was arrested three years later. Sentence: 25 years.

September 17 2003: Moira Erb, 36, Winnipeg, partially decomposed body of discovered near Klimpke Road in RM of Rosser. Cause of death ruled as multiple trauma consistent with train/pedestrian collision.

July 2003: Sylvia Guiboche, 20, Winnipeg, Sargent Avenue / Ellice Avenue, missing

April 27 2003: Katie Sylvia Ballentyne, 40, Edmonton, body was found in Leduc county, near Range Road 235 on July 7 2003

Januar 6-10 2003: Melissa Munch, 20, Edmonton, last seen at the Shoppers Drug Mart, her body was found dead on Januar 12 2003, in a stand of trees on a farmer's field west of Range Road 220 and south of Highway 16 in Strathcona County

January 2003: Sidney Normandin, 37, Montreal, Quebec, was knifed to death. Her body was found 5 months after her death, on May 7 2003, in the apartment of a pusher, Jean-Pierre Calce, 36.

November 25 2002: Monique Pitre, 30, Edmonton, frozen body found dead on January 8 2003 in a field south of Fort Saskatchewan (Range Road 222 and Township Rd), trauma to her entire body.

November 4 2002, Debbie Darlene Lake, 29, Edmonton, 78th Street, skull and remains found near Highway 623 by Miquelon Lake near Camrose on April 12th, 2003

September 22 2002: Edna Bernard, 28, Edmonton, mother of six boys, as a teenager, she was exposed to the sex trade and later, drugs, Edna was strangled and her body set on fire, her remains were found in a field east of Leduc, near Range Road 245, north of Highway 623.

August 4 2002: Lise Laporte

April 29 2002 Therena Adeline Marsland (Silva), 35 Winnipeg, her skeletal remains were found in december 2002 near Templeton Avenue and Ritchie Street, Police believe Silva’s body had been there for several months

November 2001: Mona Lee Wilson, 26, Vancouver, mother of a son, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

October 2001: Dianne Rosemary Rock, 34, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

September 13 2001: Mélissa Williski, 23, Lachine, Quebec, was shot in the back as she was leaving her home. The murder weapon was found in the apartment of Daryll Maighan, 23.

August 15 2001: Noreen Taylor, 32, Winnipeg, body was found Ham Street between Cordite Road and Grassie boulevard, just off Lagimidiere Boulevard, she was clothed only in a shirt and was naked from the waist down. Her pants, underwear and shoes were never recovered. The cause of death was massive head and internal injuries. The nature of the injuries led police to believe she had been pushed from, jumped out of or fell from a fast-moving vehicle.

August 2001: Sereena Abotsway, 29, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

June 2001: Andrea Joesbury, 22, Vancouver, mother of a daughter, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

April 2001: Heather Gabrielle Chinnock, 30, Vancouver, mother of two children, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

April 2001: Heather Kathleen Bottomley, 25, Vancouver, had two children, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

March 18 2001: Charmaine Sanderson, 22, Winnipeg, found behind New West Hotel at intersection of King Street and Sutherland Avenue in city's core. Police believe she was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

March 2001: Patricia Johnson, 35, Vancouver, was mother of a son and a daughter, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

March 2001: Yvonne Marie Boen, 33, Vancouver, mother of a son. victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

January 15 2001: Kelly Dawn Reilly, 24, Edmonton, is found dead January 27 2001 behind a gravel operation in the area of Range Road 264 and secondary highway 633, near Villeneuve. at a party on her 17th birthday, Kelly, who never knew her father, was raped and became pregnant

December 2000: Debra Lynne Jones, 43, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

November 2000: Dawn Teresa Crey, 41, Vancouver, mother of a son, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

March 2000: Tiffany Louise Drew, 25, Vancouver, mother of three children, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

2000: Sharon Abraham, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

1990 - 1999

December 1999: Jennifer Furminger, 28, Vancouver, mother of a son, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

December 1999: Wendy Crawford, 43, Vancouver, mother of a son and a daughter, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

March 1999: Georgina Faith Papin, 35, Vancouver mother of seven children, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

February 1 1999: Brenda Ann Wolfe, 30, mother of two daughters, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

January 16 1999: Jacqueline Michelle McDonell, 22, Vancouver, Downtown Eastside, mother of a four year old daughter, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

November 1998: Angela Rebecca Jardine:, 26, Vancouver, was mentally disabled and said to have the intellect of an 11-year-old child, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

September 29 1998: Glenna „Dusty“ Sowan, 25, Vancouver 17)

September 10 1998: Margaret Hartrick, 35, Halifax, Nova Scotia, beaten to death

September 9 1998: Tania Marsden, 18th birthday, Winnipeg, Gordon Downtowner Motor Hotel at 330 Kennedy St, her body, weighed down with a cement block, was found September 29 partially submerged in the Assiniboine River near the Perimeter Highway. She had been strangled.

August 12 1998: Lisa Gavin, Vancouver 18)

May 1998: Christine Marjorie McLean, 27, Haliifax, Nova Scotia, body found in Cherry Brook, death „extremely violent“

April 21 1998: Sarah de Vries, 28, Vancouver, her journals and poetry have been widely published since she was last seen, Her sister, Maggie de Vries, wrote about her sister in the award-winning book Missing Sarah, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

March 20 1998: Evelyn Stewart, 25, Winnipeg, her body was found early in the parking lot of Gateway Industries, 2 Point Douglas Ave. She was still alive when she was discovered, but suffering from massive trauma to the head. She was pronounced dead 45 minutes later at the St. Boniface General Hospital. Murdered by a john

March 8 1998: Donna Ogilvie

February 1998: Inga Monique Hall, 46, Vancouver, had two daughters and two granddaughters, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

January 7 1998: Kerry Lynn Koski

December 1997: Cynthia Feliks, 43, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

October 19 1997: Joyce Hewitt, 22, Edmonton, remains were found in Sherwood Park, near 17th Street and 89th Avenue

September 1 1997: Cara King, 22, Edmonton, was found in a canola field in Sherwood Park (Highway 214 and Hwy. 16), east of Edmonton

August 1997: Marnie Lee Frey, 24, Vancouver, mother of a five year old daughter, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

June 14 1997: Jessica Cardinal, 24, Edmondon, Jessica was homeless and struggling with drugs. Her body was found in an alley behind a commercial building at 9325-111th Avenue. Her body was discovered behind a discarded shelving unit.

April 11 1997: Anne Laurin

April 1997: Sherry Leigh Irving, 24, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

May 12 1997: Lisa Ann Astey, 21, Toronto

May 1997: Andrea Fay Borhaven, 24, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

March 2 1997: Lise Hardy, 42, Montreal, Quebec, was tortured, mutilated, strangled and knifed to death by Alfred Emond, 65. Sentence: 12 years

January 1997: Stephanie Lane, 20, stripper, Vancouver, had just recently given birth to a son, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

January 1997: Cara Louise Ellis, known on the street as Nicky Trimble, 25, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

December 23 1996: Joanne Ghostkeeper, 24, Edmonton, apartment at 11925-34th Street East, body was found on December 25 1996, she was looking forward to Christmas with her kids

October 29 1996: Tanya Marlo Holyk

June 21 1996: Louise Dubreuil, 37, Montreal, Quebec, was killed by Bernard Benoit, 47, who had been harrassing her for days. Sentence: 10 years.

May 20 1996: Deanna (Thomas) Wilkinson, 31, trans, murdered by Marcello Palma (33)

May 20 1996: Brenda Ludgate, 25, Toronto, murdered by Marcello Palma (33)

May 20 1996: Shawn Keegan, 19, trans, Toronto, murdered by Marcello Palma (33)

April 3 1996: Andrea Attwood

December 27 1995: Diana Melnick, 20, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

November 12 1995: Brenda Ann Way

October 28 1994: Virginia Lee Coote, 33, Toronto, was murdered by serial killer Peter Dale MacDonald , 52

September 7 1995: Carrie Mancuso, 32, Ottawa, strangled, found in her apartment in Lafontaine Avenue, last seen early in the morning in her building with a client

September 1 1995: Chantel Gillade, 28, trans, 826 Homer Street, Vancouver 19)

April 17 1995: Pamela Jean George, 26, indigenous (Saulteaux First Nation), Regina, Saskatchewan, was beaten to death by Steven Kummerfield and Alex Ternowetsky

November 23 1994: Kimber Lucas, 25, Halifax, Nova Scotia, seven month pregnant

October 24 1994: Hélène Plante, 21, Montreal, Quebec, was battered and knived to death multiple times. Her body was left in the pit of a derelict plant used for prostitution.

September 23 1994: Diane Labelle

August 13 1994: Karen Margaret Ann Lewis, 18, industrial park near Laval, Quebec, was found strangled to death, hands and feet bound and nude. She had spoken of leaving her pimp.

July 30 1994: Dora Psyrris, 27, Montreal, Quebec, was strangled to death in a Montreal back lane

July 7 1994: Julianne Middleton

1994: Stephanie Edwards, Manitoba

December 3 1993: Sophie Filion, 24, Ottawa, Westboro, strangled, last seen alive near Kent Street and Laurier Avenue, turned into prostitution to support her children and unemployed boyfriend

September 9 1993: Gisele Pelzmann, 17, Halifax, Nova Scotia, body found at Ashburn Gold Course

March 4 1993: Vicki Black, 23, Vancouver, murdered by Steven Laroche

February 6 1993: Elaina Louise Ross

February 1993: Rebecca Boutelier, 20, near 3rd Avenue and 4th Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta

December 2 1992: Claudette Collette Anctil, 27, Calgary, Alberta

October 31 1992: Tracey Lynn Maunder, 26, Calgary, Alberta

June 17 1992: Nathalie Morrissette, 24, Montreal, Quebec, was killed with multiple blows of a meat hook by Alain Jarry, 23, a recent co-tenant. Sentence: 17 years

January 1 1992: Andrea Lynn King, 18, Halifax, British Columbia

November 2 19991: Ginette Dufresne, 31, Montreal, Quebec, was battered and strangled to death at her home, which was being used as a „shooting gallery“ against her will

September 29 1991: Suzanne Grondin, 21, Laval, Quebec, was found battered to death in a parking lot. Suzanne was a single mother.

September 1991, Georgette Elizabeth Flint, 20, Edmonton

August 30 1991: Jennifer Joyes, 17, Calgary, Alberta

August 22 1991: Nancy Clark, 25, Vancouver, victim of serial killer Robert Pickton

July 13 1991: Guylaine Gent, 20, Montreal, Quebec, was knifed to death by André Saint-Jean, an ex-con and ex-murdered. Sentence: 20 years.

July 13 1991: Jennifer Janz, 16, Calgary

May 1991: Keely Pincott, 19, Calgary, Alberta

February 20 1991: Nathalie Lévesque, 23, Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire, Quebec, was battered to death. She had just been turned away from a homeless shelter.

December 21 1990: Lorraine Wray, 46, Edmonton, found strangled in the bathroom of her West End Studio once located in a strip mall at 155 Street and Stony Plain Road.

December 4 1990: France Legault, 32, Montreal, Quebec, got her throat cut by Jean-Paul Dufort, 47. Sentence: 10 years.

October 25 1990: Mavis Mason, 29, Edmonton, found stabbed to death on a rural road west of Edmonton.

September 30 1990: Melinda Sheppit, 16, no hardened streetwalker, but a lost girl from a good family who had become pregnant and soon drifted into a life of prostitution. Her semi-nude body was found in a Murray Street parking lot around 11 a.m. She was missing a shoe. Police believe her killer may have taken it as a trophy. Investigators said she'd only been working in the Market for three weeks before she was strangled to death. Ms. Sheppit, a St. Patrick's High School student, had last been seen alive near Clarence and Dalhousie streets in the Byward Market in the early morning of Sept. 30. Some suggest she may have been getting into a car.

April 5 1990: Jean Hilda Myra

January 10 1990: Joanne Shaver, 17, Calgary, strangled to death

January 6 1990: France Lancharité, 23, Montreal, Quebec, was strangled in a motel room with her body dropped in a food dumpster

1980 - 1989

October 25 1989: Bernadette Ahenakew, 22, Edmonton mother of three, was found dead in a ditch alongside a rural road near Sherwood Park, experienced physical and sexual abuse before the murder.

April 25 1989: Chrissy Mowat, 15, Calgary, shot to death by Donald James MacGregor

April 22 1989: Edith Ann Ferraz, 18, Calgary, was strangled to death

April 12 1989: Susan Janine Holens

April 2 1989: Marie-Josée Beauchesne, 33, Montreal, Quebec, got her throat cut and head crushed by René Pétillon, 27, an ex-con, who was sentenced to 20 years.

September 13 1988: Georgette Flint

May 23 1988: Charlene Orshalak, 17, Winnipeg, found in abandoned cemetery about three kms south of Matlock

May 17 1988: Leza Ritchie, 20, Calgary

December 5 1987: Cheryl Duck, 15, Winnipeg, found in Maples-area field by snowmobiler.

January 1 1987: Annette Leger, 21, Calgary

September 20 1986: Melodie Joy Riegel, 21, Edmonton, Pan American motel at 10630 Kingsway Avenue Room 320, body was found one day later on the hotel-room bed.

July 18 1986: Elaine Kraushner

1985 Tina Marie Barron, Halifax, 17, lured into prostitution by a pimp from Preston. She tried to get out many times but her pimp(s) repeatedly threatened to kill her and members of her family. She and her family were stalked by her pimps. She had nowhere to escape to and her parents did not have the financial means to leave Nova Scotia

February 1 1985: Brenda Garside, 17, Halifax, Old Waverley Hotel, was pregnant, murdered by Gregory George Ashford

August 3 1984: Constance Lynn Cameron

1983: Gail Cardinal, 21, Edmonton, found 10 km south of Fort Saskatchewan

July 26 1983: Marie Edith Banks, 18, Winnipeg, McDermot Avenue/Princess Street, reported missing August 1, strangled to death, body was found August 14 in a Fort Garry field off Sparling Avenue

1978: Gwen Telford, Edmonton, murdered by Brett Morgan 20)

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