Ramona Dae.

Quelle: Facebook

„Sandra“, 43 years old

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Micktner Straße 22, (Terminwohnung), Dresden-Trachau

Ramona lived together with her partner in Meißen. She was mother of a 26 year old son.

Ramona was found dead on her bed in the Terminwohnung where she was prostituted for 5 years. She was killed by being stabbed several times.

Ramona's 34 years old partner Mario B(erndt) was arrested as suspect. He firstly had told to a friend about the discovery of the body, who then called the police. The flat in Dresden was registered on him and he also was stated on the imprint of her advertisment page. She had been in a relationship with him since 2010.

Mario B. worked for nightclub owner Wolle Förster since the middle of 2014. Förster runs the well known night club „Klax“ only a few hundred meters away from the scene of crime.

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