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Prostitution murders and deaths in Israel

2010 - today

January 20 2018: Name unknown, 26, Malan Street, Tel Aviv, was murdered by sexbuyer Eithan Darhi, age 46, in his home with the date-rape drug GHB. Darhi then brought another prostitute to his home and had sex with her while the first woman was still in his bed. 1)

„Five prostitutes, one of them a transgender woman, died in 2017.“ 2)

August 13 2015: G., „Jessica“, 37, suicide, Tel Aviv, 98 Hayarkon Street, hung herself in her brothel room, she was 15 years in the sex trade: G. came from the former Soviet Union. She was trafficked and addicted to drugs

2015: O. G., age 31; E. R. age 33; H. S., age 36; S.V., age 40 (no further information yet on these cases)

2014: R. A., age 65; A. A., age 33; M. B., age 43; A. D., age 54; J.A., age 60; D. A., male, age 30; N. S., age 50 (no further information yet on these cases)

2013: M. E., age 46; V. K., age 47; H. A., age 29; A. N., age 39; S. D., age 57; R. G., age 47; N. A., age 35; A. P., age 39; D. N., age 48; A. A., age 50 (no further information yet on these cases)

August 2 2013: name unknown, Tel Aviv, thrown from window

2012: L. H. T., age 35; S. A. age 28; A. D., age 35; Z. Y., age 28; J. P., age 44; N. T., age 44; age N. J., age 32 (no further information yet on these cases)

March 8 2011: name unknown, 32, Yesod Hamaala Street, Tel Aviv, murdered by a sexbuyer

2011: M. B., age 34; A. K., age 51; M. E., age 34; S. P., age 34; J. Z., age 28 (no further information yet on these cases)

May 2010: Han(n)ania Elharar, 66, Tel Aviv, murdered and robbed by a 17 year old West Bank Resident sexbuyer

2000 - 2009

December 26 2009: name unknown, 39, Tel Aviv, murdered in a brothel

March 2009: Annette Peretz, 67, Tel Aviv, murdered by Aziz Davidov, 45

November 25 2007: Zoya Yegudayev, 28, Be'er Sheva, stabbed to death and robbed by a 17 year old palestinian sexbuyer

June 3 2007: Alexandra Schaitner, 24, corner of Hamelacha and Hapeled streets, Holon

September 15 2005: Nadzida Meltzer, 40, Hasatat Street, Holon, beaten to death by a sadistic sexbuyer

February 27 2005: name unknown, 42, Givat Olga, Haifa, found on a beach with signs of violence

October 2002: Svetlana Lukatzky, 42, knifed to death, before she had been beaten and bound

June 2002: name unknown, strangled to death

August 16 2000: names unknown, two trafficking victims from the former Soviet Union and two other prostituted women, 51 Golomb Street, Tel Aviv, burned to death in a brothel, attack by Yariv Varuhim

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