Prostitution Murder in India

August 11 2022: Name unknown, Bengaluru, police arrested a 28-year-old autorickshaw driver who bludgeoned her to death to rob her money and mobile phone before dumping her body near Madivala lake 1) 2)

July 2022: Name unknown 3)

July 2022: Name unknown, Sonagachi 4) 5)

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August 12 2021: Name unknown, 31, Mutha Ghat, Pune, India. The perpetrator chopped the body and stuffed it into three suitcases 7)

May 22 2021: Name unknown, 35, Dhankawadi, was brutally murdered by Avinash Salve, 27 8)

May 11 2021: Anjum Shaikh, near a nullah in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai, murdered by Jaleel Khalim Shaikh, 32 9)

June 2020: Name unknown, 20, Visakhapatnam, was tortured with a heated metal object and burnt to death with it by her traffickers 10)

January 15 2020: Name unknown, Villupuram, murdered by a 15 year old sexbuyer 11)

January 11 2020: name unknown, Bengaluru, was murdered for refusing to have unprotected sex with a client. 12)

November 28 2019: Rajni, trans, Gurugram

October 20 2019: Shaheen, 42, Ashoka Garden, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, strangled and brutally murdered by her partner and son-in-law Shahrukh Khan, 25, because of her rejection to give up prostitution

October 19 2019: Appalanarsamma, 38, Akkayyapalem, Visakhapatnam, murdered by Gudla Sudhakar Reddy, 40 13)

October 13 2019: Name unknown, Kamathipura, murdered by a sexbuyer, age 28, through 30 stabbings with a knife in a fight over money

October 13 2019: Reshma Shaikh, 30, Mumbai

August 20 2019: Lata (alias Salma), Rohini`s K.N. Katju Marg

August 14 2019: Meena Gabbar Kazi Shaikh, 30, Faraskhana, New Dehli 14)

February 10 2019: Chandrika, trans, Veepanagandla

November 5 2018: Kalaichelvi, 45, Chennai, was strangled and beaten to death with beer bottles by her regular clients Vinod Kumar and Prem Kumar. Kalaichelvi was mother of two children.

August 25 2018: Sunmaya Tamang, 35, Pune, strangled to death by her partner Arun Pawar, 26. Sunmaya was murdered, because Pawar wanted her to quit prostitution. Sunmaya was eight months pregnant.

July 28 2018: Champa, 27, Gondal, Rajkot, was murdered by Rekha Mangrolia, 33, a prostituted woman, who was jealous of her beauty

June 25 2018: name unknown, Kulti, West Bengal

May 24 2018: Seema Sanjay Waghcahure, 40, Pune, murdered by Saidab Hamid Khan, 23, and Abid Imran Khan, 22. One of the two men owed her Rs 1,500 for her services, according to the police. She threatened to approach the police if the two failed to return the money.

May 2018: Meena Joshi, 40, Shivaji Nagar, Govandi, strangled to death by real estate agent Babu Patel, 60

April 10 2018: Salma Sheikh, in her 30s, Mumbai, jumped to death from the third floor of an apartment in a try to escape a police raid

April 10 2018: Anjara Scheikh, about 50, Mumbai, jumped to death from the third floor of an apartment in a try to escape a police raid

March 4 2018: Name unknown, Mumbai, stabbed to death by 22 year old sexbuyer Abdul Hameed Ansari.

June 1 2017: „Seema“, 25, bangladeshian, Durga Charan Mitra Lane, Sonagachi, Kolkata, was murdered.

November 16 2016: Sushma Rai, 26, Dehli, murdered and decapitated by a group of persons, identified as Jeevan, Govind and Arjun

November 16 2016: Nayesha, Dehli, murdered by a group of persons, identified as Jeevan, Govind and Arjun

September 19 2016: Mohida Khatun, 25, Bhavnagar Road, Rajkot, was stabbed to death by sexbuyer Jaydeep Setta (25), because she refused a marriage offer 15)

June 21 2016: Name unknown, Kolhapur, was murdered by Tejappa Basappa Agasbal and Akshay Shinde. 16)

April 1 2016: Pratyusha Banerjee, 24, Mumbai, committed suicide because of being forced into prostitution by her partner Rahul Raj Singh

March 25 2016: name unknown, 55, near Platform No. 18 of CST, Mumbai, was beaten to death with a large stone by Avinash Pimbelker, 22, and Mukesh Musager, 21. Police: “The woman’s face was smashed and is beyond recognition. Her jaw is broken and none of the features of her face were spared„.

January 11 2016: Saira Bano, „Poonam“, 25, Sector 10, Panchkula, strangled to death, by Manohar Lal Gupta, 36, Rajan, 28, and his wife Payal, 26.

November 19 2015: Naaz, uzbek, Dehli, murdered by Gagan Rajkaran, 30. Naaz had been forced into prostitution.

September 25 2015: Shakhnoza Shukurova, „Shahnaz“, 28, uzbek, Dehli, murdered by Gagan Rajkaran, 30. Shanaz burnt body was found in Haryana's Samalkha on the outskirts of Delhi in Uttar Pradesh the next day. A postmortem revealed she had been raped

June 9 2015: Piya Shakar, 23, bangladeshian, Mumbai, Dr. E Mosses Road, presumably murdered by Ashok Mohanlal Mali (24). Piya was smothered using a pillow and strangulated to death

April 30 2015: „Radha“, 25, Allahabad, red-light-area, Ramrati Ka Kotha, throat slit by sexbuyer. There were also injury marks on the private parts of the victim. The first hospital refused to treat the dying women, at the second one she was already brought dead to. Her colleague „Roopa“ told the police: „Normally we dont disturb each other even though the clients sometimes beat us. This is how the trade works“

April 20 2012: Julie, 45, Mumbai, kiled by sexbuyer Surendra Chavan, 54, charged with causing death due to negligence

April 9 2012: Bharati Devi, 42, Asansol, Korapra, murdered after being gang raped

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