Marie Greene

Marie Greene, Source: Irish Mirror

Age: 37

February 13 2011

Athlone, Ireland

Jimmy Devaney, Source: Irish Mirror

Marie took care of her mother and stayed with her every night.

Marie was murdered with six stab wounds by her client and father-of-three Jimmy Devaney, age 67, a retired member of the defense forces. Her body was discovered nine days later in Anagorta Bog outside Athlone

He told court he had known Marie for 10 years and that he met up with her twice a month. He usually paid 20 GB and insisted he was never emotionally attached: „It was opportunistic for me. SHe was available for a quick fix“. His motive was to stop her from revealing the sex-buying to his wife. After the murder he went to play poker in a casino.

He was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter. The prosecution said the killing was planned and pointed to a desire for revenge, some forward planning and calculation. Devaney had brought a knife to the scene and had telephoned Marie from a public phone box to arrange to meet when he had previously used his own phone to contact her.

Marie`s brother John died 21 days after Marie was found. Family says because of the shock about the death of his beloved sister. The family rejected Devaney`s letter of apology:

“We don’t accept the apology from him or his family“

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