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Prostitution murders in Mexico

2010 - today

December 28 2017: Karen Ailen Grodziski, 23, Hotel Pasadena, Mexico City, was shot to death and mutilated by actor Axel Arenas, 27. Karen was an escort.

November 16 2017: Génesis Ullyannis Gibson, 24, venezuelan, Motel Punta Palmas, Puebla, gagged, tied hand and foot, with a blue ribbon around her neck. Génesis was an escort.

October 13 2016: Alessa Flores, 28, trans, calle Juan de Dios Peza, Mexico City, strangled to death

October 8 2016: Itzel Durán, 19, trans, Gruz Grande, Comitán de Dominguez, Chiapas, was stabbed to death

September 29 2016: Paola Ledezma, 30, trans, Avenida Puento de Alvarado, Mexiko-City, was shot to death allegedly by Arturo Felipe Delgadillo Olvera

July 30 2016: Stephanie Magón, 23, colombian, calle Miami, colonia Nápoles del D.F, Mexiko City. Stephanie was trafficked through a model agency into prostitution. Her death is ruled as suicide, but it could also have been an homicide

May 27 2016: Name unknown, 45, Pedro Escobedo, Queretaro, Mexiko, was found dead on the side of the road.

April 29 2016: Rosa M., 21, La Pedregosa, Buenavista Tomatlán. Cause of death is unknown. Rosa was addicted to drugs.

April 5 2016: Karina Reyes Crescencio, 13, Mixe, Santa Rita, murdered by truck driver Mariano Hugo Garay

January 9 2016: Melanie, about 20, trans, Hotel Empire, número 14 de la calle José Manuel Othón, Obrera, Cuauhtémoc, was murdered by a sexbuyer

December 21 2015: La Joana, trans, calle Miguel Hidalgo, Xonacatlán, shot to death and thrown out of the car after sexbuyers realized Joana was trans.

October 12 2015: Claudia Martinez Barcenas, Motel Jabaloyas, Tijuana, murdered by a sexbuyer

August 15 2015: Andy, trans, Toluca, Mexico, murdered by a sexbuyer

August 15 2015: Name unknown, Toluca, Mexico, murdered by a sexbuyer

July 31 2015: Mile Virginia Martín Gordillo, 31, colombian, Luz Saviñón 1909 de la delegación Benito Juárez Navarte, Mexico City, was beaten, strangled and shot with a 9mm.

June 13 2015: Iris Maria Lopez Rico, colonia revolución, Chihuahua, was strangled, raped with a bottle and murdered

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