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Prostitution murders in Nigeria

2010 - today

June 2018: Mercy Moses, 19, Tiv (ethnic minority), Adavi, Kogi, was repeatedly raped and strangled to death in a money-making ritual by pastor Olusegun Otaru, 45, and three others. One of them had “sex” with her dead body. Mercys fingers were roasted, made into pepper soup concoction which they were eating every day before they were arrested.

May 24 2018: Name unknown, Wellwood Hotel, Ajangbadi, Lagos, murder attempt by strangling. The prostituted woman was rescued by a staff member of the hotel who heard her scream.

April 13 2018: Vivian Bello, Kings Hotel, Lagos, was murdered by a sexbuyer. Vivian was found dead in a toilet, with signs of violence on her body

March 27 2018: Precious Nety, Galaxy Hotel, Galadima, Maiduguri, Borno, was murdered by a sexbuyer.

October 22 2017: Name unknown, Onuato Street, Enugu. Stabbed to death by sexbuyer Ezeugwu Emmanuel

August 24 2017: Chiamaka Ndubu, 18, brothel, Moshalashi Alhaja area of Agege, Lagos, murdered by a sexbuyer

January 24 2017: Janet Etim, Hotel De Love, Ilufumi street, Ejigbo, Lagos, was murdered by a sexbuyer. When Janet could no longer bear the pain, she withdrew and offered him his N500 fee but he refused and said he had already prepared for the action and will conclude it. This led to exchange of words and in the process, he attacked and injured her on her head. She was rushed to a hospital by the hotel management where she eventually died. 1)

November 2 2016 (few days before): Name unknown, Utako village, Abuja, hacked to death in her room with a knife by sexbuyer Joseph Odoh, following an argument over payment for her services

April 2 2016: Rebecca, 30s, hotel room, Mushin, Lagos, stabbed to death by sexbuyer

March 1 2016: Ome Enyi, 35, brothel, Kubwa, Abuja, Nigeria, murdered by a sexbuyer. Her clitoris had been cut off.

October 24 2015: Roseline, Obollo-Afor, Enugu, Nigeria, murdered by sexbuyer Ikechukwu Oga in a brothel

August 2 2015: Sitira, 23, Abeokuta, Nigeria, tortured and murdered by a sexbuyer

January 19 2015: Joy, 25, Lagos

January 2015: Joy Okoye, Adeniji, Lagos

July 11 2013: Esther, 16, Lokpanta, Abia State, Nigeria, murdered, remains found in uncompleted building

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