Prostitution murders in the Netherlands

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7. May 2017: Sabrina Oosterbeek, 30, Amsterdam, disappeared without a trace. Supposedly murdered by Sjonnie W.

October 19 2015: name unknown, 23, bulgarian, Moulin Rouge brothel, Weaze, Leeuwarden, murder attack by a 38 year old

September 25 2013: Krasimira, 22, Charlotte de Bourbonstraat, Amsterdam, strangled to death by martial arts fighter Jordan J.

January 8 2013: Mariyna Lenarova

June 13 2011: Kim (age 21), Doetinchem, murdered in the Sex Club Escape

November 22 2010: Ida Sjamsudin (age 51), Arnhem, found murdered in a parking lot at Badhuisstraat

February 24 2010: Sandra Martinez Burbano (age 30, colombian), Rotterdam, murdered in a massage parlor (Melissa Relaxing) at Molenwaterweg 4a-1

8 December 2009: Marian Kusters (age 43), Groningen, disappeared from Bornholmstraat, it is believed that she was killed

20 February 2009: Beatrix Szabo (age 19, hungarian), Amsterdam, was found with her throat cut in Oude Zijds Achterburgwal

15 January 2008: Elena (age 21, romanian), Amsterdam, escort murdered by a client in Swissôtel on the Damrak

19 October 2005: name unknown, Rotterdam, Dosiostraat

14 July 2005: Irene Thummasith (age 41, thai), Amsterdam, her throat was cut at the Bethaniendwarsstraat

15 November 2004: Mirela Mos (age 30, romanian). Supposedly murdered by Sjonnie W.

14 October 2004: Connie (age 36) and Jacqeline (age 44), Rotterdam, were shot at the Lekstraat, near the Keilerweg

18 September 2004: Withoon Richtert (age 34, thai), „Nung“, Amsterdam

15 November 2003: Yvette Looys (age 42), Amsterdam, was found dead in the Bijlmerpark 1)

13 November 2003: Monica Engels (age 45), Tilburg, her throat was cut by a client (age 23)

11 July 2003: Samira van de Wal (age 20), Heerlen, disappeared without a trace and was found dead on 5-5-2005 in the Prikkenis park

23 June 2003: Fierro Pineda (age 34), transvestite from Ecuador), „Judy“, Amsterdam, found in sports park Spieringhorn in Geuzenveld, stabbed to death

10 May 2003: Jeannette Derksen (age 29), „Rooie Jeanette“, Vuren (Gelderland), found in a ditch

27 April 2003: Monique Roossien (age 25), Amsterdam. Supposedly murdered by Sjonnie W.

20 February 2003: Irina Dontchoulesko (age 33, russian), Reek (Noord-Brabant), was robbed and murdered

17 July 2002: Asta Rimkute (age 23, lithuanian) and her daughter Naomie (age 2), Klundert, Asta was stabbed with a knife and strangled with a cord, Naomi was intoxicated with chlooroform and strangled with a pantyhose, then he burnt the house

17 July 2001: Sasja Schenker (age 34), her naked dead body was found in the Slochterdiep, possibly a victim of serial killer Willem van Eijk („The beast of Harkstede“)

17 July 2001: Dirkje Theodora 'Dyora' Bosgra (age 26, lebanese), Apeldoorn, probably strangled to death, she was adopted as a child from Lebanon. She possibly had borderline disorder or schizophrenia, since around 16 she was using drugs.

2 July 2001: Ilona Quaedflieg (age 34), Brunssum, found on the Brunssummerheide on October 5th, she was stabbed to death 2)

24 May 2001: Silvie Boereboom (age 32), Utrecht, strangled to death and dumped in the Moreelsepark

15 January 2001: name unknown (age 26), Zaandam, shot to dead by her niece, she was enslaved and worked as a window prostitute

29 October 2000: Maria Verhoed (age 19), Heerlen, strangled and dumped beside the railway line

9 June 2000: Nadia Mehallaoui (age 21, moroccan), Maria Hoop, found on July 5th

13. June 1999: Jeanette Sip (age 26), Rotterdam, stabbed to death

15. May 1999: Geertje Zoetendal (age 24), Utrecht, beaten to death

2. February 1999: Saskia Hellendoorn (age 18), Drogeham, strangled to death by a client

17. December 1998: name unknown (age 33), Nijmegen

December 1998: name unknown (age 30), Amsterdam

7. February 1998: Jolanda Meijer, Groningen, dissappeared without a trace, friend of Shirley Hereijgers

20. November 1997: Hanna Koeman (age 39) (alias „Madame Blanche“) and Anna Pracht, Amsterdam, Wenslauerstraat

6. October 1997: Simone Riedel (age 20, german), Heerlen, stabbed to death

27. September 1997: name unknown (age 32)

10. August 1997: Jacqueline Antes (age 21), Zeewolde, strangled to death, was a friend of Mirjam Möller

6. May 1997: Mirjam Margret Möller (age 28), Rotterdam, Maetelinckweg, stabbed to death,

2. May 1997: Shirley Hereijgers (age 31), Groningen, found dead in the bushes near a school. Serial killer Henk S. is acquitted of the murder on December 21, 2006

28. March 1997: Ancharee Sripho (age 28, thai), Dordrecht, strangled to death

13. August 1996: Gina Jane Vreedzaam (age 22, surinamese), Papendrecht, strangled in her work flat.

15. June 1996: Karin van Dijk (age 31), Rotterdam, strangled in a rented room because she had teased him with his deviant sexual organ.

8. June 1996: Monika Marzec (age 43, german), Amsterdam, stabbed to death

3. May 1996: (Veronica) Camarines Kim (age 34, phillippin), strangled to death, Rotterdam

3. February 1996: Faith Osariemen Matthew (age 25, nigerian), Alkmaar, strangled in a brothel

2. February 1996: Jacqueline Schipper (age 25), stabbed to death, Groningen

9. December 1995, Lidia Zgolak (age 26, polish), Alkmaar

27. July 1995, Antoinette Bont (age 24), Zuidbroek, is found in the Winschoterdiep on July 31. She was reported missing since July 27 after she was picked up by a customer. Legs, arms and head are missing. Legs and arms are found in a bag on August 3rd in the Peizerdiep at Roderwolde.

23. July 1995: Marinella Jimenez (age 29, colombian), Haarlem, strangled in her brothel room. The perpetrator (27) is caught later when he tries to murder another prostitute in the same brothel on February 7, 1997.

21. January 1995: Annelies Reinders (age 31), Groningen, found dead in the Ems canal. She is also a victim of serial killer Willem van Eijk

14. August 1994: Annet van Reen (age 26), Utrecht, was strangled and sexually abused. She lived in an institution for the mentally disabled. Later it turns out that she was murdered by H. S. (23) in May 1997 in Groningen, who also killed the student Anne de Ruijter de Wildt (18).

1994: Ineke Fleurke (28) disappeared, was employed in the prostitution area in Groningen

6. December 1993: Judith F. Nyari (age 24), Dronten, found dead in the woods. She was stabbed to death.

5. November 1993: Michelle Fatol (age 23, romanian), Groningen, found naked and dead in a ditch at Enumatil. Eight years later it was found out that she was the victim of serial killer Willem van Eijk

2. November 1993: name unknown (age 41), Amsterdam, was kidnapped by two men and then raped and murdered. When the men had failed to rob a man at the casino in Breda, they picked out of frustration a prostitute in Amsterdam. Under threat of a knife and a gun alarm the woman was then raped. Fearing for her return she decided then, en route to Leeuwarden dumped. She had to undress, and her arms and legs with tape and rope were tied and she was thrown into a ditch where she drowned.

25. September 1993: K. van Wijk (age 28), Amsterdam, Gaasperplas, the murder (age 22): „I shot that bitch, because she did not want to fuck“

7. June 1993: name unknown (age 35, brasilian), Amsterdam, Bloedstraat, stabbed (or strangled according to different sources) to death

4. April 1993: C.Kolb (age 34), Den Haag

6. December 1992: name unknown (age 31, ghanaian), Alkmaar, stabbed to death in a brothel

23. September 1992, Barbara Nieuwenburg (age 24), Den Haag, strangled on the street

30 August 1992, Francina Hoogland (age 38), Den Haag, stabbed to death in the street

22. July 1992: Silvia Schenkels (age 20), Den Bosch, murdered by her pimp. He confesses three years later. He also confesses another attempted murder, assualts, sexual abuse of a minor and trafficking in hard drugs. He gehts a life sentence

13. July 1992: Marina Denzler (age 32, german), Heerlen, Brunsummerheide 3) 4)

30. April 1992: name unknown (age 27), Heerlen, found dead in the water

13. April 1992: Anke Busch (age 26, german), Amsterdam, Nieuwstraat, slain by blows to her head. Suspect is the Englishman K. B. (33). He led a nomadic existence and gave himself one year later because he had remorse. He would have come to his violent crackdown by problems he had in earlier prostitution visit.

18. June 1991: Maria Garcia Hofland, Rotterdam, Dijkzigt Hospital

25. September 1989 Marie Christine Jonas (age 18), „Luna“, Amsterdam, Spuistraat

1984: Rosalina Betaoeboen (age 26)

September 1967, Barbara van der Eng

1964, Jennie Deinum-Boomsma (42 Jahre), Leeuwarden

1963 Sonja van der Meijden (18 Jahre), Amsterdam, Achterburgwal

1962 Ineke V.-B (35 Jahre), „Zwarte Jeanne“, dissappeared on the highway between Amsterdam and Den Haag, her corpse was found three months later in the river Schinkel

1960 Alida Johanna Meyer (44 Jahre), „Dikke Alie“, „Blonde Jopie“, Utrecht, Houseboat on the river Vecht

1960 Anna van der Spek (28 Jahre), „Tijger-Annie“, Rotterdam

November 3 1959, Marie G. van Es (47 Jahre), „Blonde Marietje“, Den Haag, Nieuwe Haven

1959, Judith Krieger-Buddingh (45 Jahre), „Zwarte Truus“, Amsterdam, Bergstraat

1959, Sebilla Alida Johanna Niemans (32 Jahre), „Blonde Dolly“, „Donkere Molly“, Den Haag, Nieuwe Haven

22. May 1958, Henny Hijarvinen (27 Jahre), „Finse Hennie“, Amsterdam, Oudezijds Kolk (other sources: St Olofssteeg) - Her throat was cut with a broken bottle. Then she was thrown out of the window and landed on the jetty. Her tendon room 3 by 3 was full of blood. The perpetrator -a Norwegian sailor (36) - was caught. He had fled and plunged a little later on with another prostitute while he was covered in blood.

11. August 1957, Johanna Machelia Scheide-Oudes (33 Jahre), Amsterdam

31. Dezember 1956, Annie M. Zentveld (32 Jahre), „Chinese Annie“, Amsterdam, Oudezijdsachterburgwal 60

1953, Henriette van der Linden (age 29), „Dronken Jet“, Katendrecht

1953, Betty Mentjox (28 Jahre), „Surinaamse Beppie“, Rotterdam - Katendrecht

June 29 1751: Anna Smitshuizen (age 24), Alkmaar, murdered by Johannes van Goch 5)

Prostitutiemoorden in Nederland

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