Prostitution murders in New Zealand

2010 - today

December 31 2019: Bella Te Pania, 34, Orchard Road, Christchurch, was murdered by a 42 year old sexbuyer 1)

February 2 2018: Amber-Rose Rush, 16, Dunedin 2)

May 15 2016: Renee Larissa Duckmanton, 22, Main Rakaia Road, Canterbury. Post-mortem results show Renee suffered extensive burns from a fire which had been lit.

March 15 2014: name unknown, 34, Auckland, suffered numerous physical injuries during the attack in the lonely expanse of Symonds St Cemetery, murder attempt


June 29 2009: Carmen Thomas, 32, south-african, Auckland, Remuera, Ngapuhi Rd., murder used a child's baseball bat as the murder weapon. Police found the body of the missing escort cut in pieces and buried in a box in the Waitakere Range, murdered by Brad Callaghan

April 17 2009: Nuttidar Vaikaew, „Sky“, 48, thai, Auckland, 1/26 Warwick Street, murdered by „on-and-off-boyfriend“ Gordon Hieatt, 48, after an argument about him having to leave the apartment for an appointment with one of her clients, he wanted her to stop working in the sex trade. He „just wanted her to shut up“ He slept next to her dead body in his bed for four weeks, prosecutor: „He did not love her. He did not even respect her. What he was interested in was sex“

2008 - Man attacks prostitute in Christchurch city. Attempts to abduct her

18 December 2008: Ngatai Lynette Manning (also known as Mallory Manning), 27, maori, was murdered in Christchurch

2007 - 19 year old girl violently attacked while in a booking in a popular massage parlor in Auckland

2007 - Parlor worker threatened at knife point by a client while attending an out-call

2007 - Young WG violently assaulted at front desk by an irate client

2006 - 19 year old parlor worker assaulted during a booking while working at a prominent “high class” establishment in Wellington - (noted for it’s good security).

2006 - 29 year old WG violently assaulted in girls changing room by a patched gang member, despite the presence of ’security’.

December 15 2005: NN [Name suppression granted], 24, was found in the Avon River, murdered by sexbuyer Peter Stephen Waihape, 28. She was ran over, backed over, ran over a second time, backed over a second time, ran over a final time. Waihape then put her body in the car, drove 2 blocks down the road and dumped her in the Avon.

April 2005: Suzie Sutherland, 36, Christchurch, was found strangled in a vacant section in Peterborough Street, murdered by sexbuyer Jules Burns

April 13 2005: Xiukun Feng

February 2 2002: Marlene „Ma“ Tania Kelly, 40, Auckland, Otahuhu, mother of six, stabbed to death in a parking lot „In the Shadows“ between Mason Ave and Station Rd., murdered by Kevin Thomas Helps, 37

January 2002: name unknown, murder attempt, in Freeman's Bay in central Auckland. woman survived, but she had been left for dead.

1990 - 1999

December 1996: Angkana Chaisamret, Auckland, murder attempt by Hayden Poulter

December 1996: Ladda Nimphet, Auckland, Fort St massage parlour (Cleopatra's Massage and Escorts Club)

October 1996: Natacha Karae Hogan, „Twiggy“, 21, Auckland, raped and murdered in the cemetery on the corner of Symonds St and Karangahape Road. Murdered by Hayden Poulter, 36

August 17 1995: Angela Blackmoore, 21, Christchurch, stabbed 39 times to death. 3)

May 28 1993: Jane Furlong, 17, Auckland, Karangahape Road, remains were found at Port Walk, Sunset Beach in May 2012. She had entered the sex trade at the age of 15. At the time she disappeared, Furlong was due to appear as a prosecution witness in three trials which were sexual and gang related.

1980 - 1989

August 26 1989: Leah Stephens, 20, murdered by Stephen Stone 4)

1900 - 1950

1914: Frances „Fanny“ Marshall, 20, Freemans Bay, Auckland, was stabbed and slashed to death

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