Xiukun Feng

Xiukun Feng, Source: Xiukun Feng

Age: 54


April 13 2005


Found: New Lynn carpark, Rata St.

Xiukun came to New Zealand from China six years prior to her murder. She is understood to have left behind an ex-husband and grown son who works in China as a policeman. Soon after she arrived in New Zealand a business deal she was working on turned sour and she lost money. With few skills to offer prospective employees, she turned to the sex industry. She took care of the teenager daughter of a close friend for 3 ½ years and also for a nephew. She worked long shifts, often from 10 am to 2 am the next morning.

Xiukun owned a massage parlour called „Night Pearl“ in Gt North Rd. Here she was murdered in the early morning hours.

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