Prostitution Murders Philippines

2010 - today

October 11 2014: Jennifer Laude, 26, Olongapo, Philippines, Celzone Lodge hotel, murdered by Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, 19, from Boston, Massachusetts, when he found out that Jennifer was transgender. Transgender rights activists and the left-wing Bagong Alyansang Makabayan have protested what they see as the „special treatment“ of U.S. troops, such as Pemberton, in the Philippines, compared to the second-class citizen treatment of Filipinos, such as Laude, in their own land, which they characterize as neo-colonialism

2000 - 2009

March 7 2008: Mylene de la Rosa, „May May“ 32, Boracay, murdered by german sexbuyer Christian Adolf W. (44). She had severe head injuries, was burnt with cigarette butts and had a softdrink bottle in her vagina. Mylene was mother of five children. Mylene`s husband was in prison because of illegal posession of a weapon. She had to prostitute to survive. In Germany W. was already convicted because of posession of child pornography, tax evasion and fraud. Because of his extreme posts in sexbuyer forums, where he also talked openly about his STDis, he got kicked out - just to open his own. His filipinian wife and daughter had to flee to a shelter.

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