Emil(ia) Lundberg

Emilia Lundberg

Age: 20


Last seen: November 22 2019

Vramsån, Tollarp

Found: December 12 2019

Emilia was a popular person. Emilia was addicted to drugs and involved in Escort prostitution. There was negative feelings because of being born in „the wrong body“.

Emilia was murdered by childhood friend Leif Andreas Andersson, age 21. Emilia was cut and stabbed with a sharp object against neck, head, thighs and back and then died of external bleeding 1). According to the preliminary investigation, they went to the same school, lived close to each other and still hung out. Emilia often bought drugs from the Andersson and had debts to him (SEK 2,000). Both had substance abuse problems and have previously been convicted of minor drug offenses. 2)

Andersson was sentenced to 14 years in prison. 3)

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