Prostitution murders in Turkey

January 9 2019: Hande Şeker, trans, Izmir, was shot do death

August 25 2018: Esra Ateş, 40, trans, Beyoğlu, İstanbul. Her murderer, one of her clients, got caught and arrested for robbery and murder. During his statement given to police, he tried to justify his act as: “I did not understand if she is a woman or a man. This was not the first time Esra was attacked. Her friends claim she was attacked just a few days prior to her murder, also in front of her apartment building.

August 12 2016: Hande Kader, 22, trans, Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul, was brutally raped and burned do death by a sexbuyer. Handes body was mutilated. Hande was prostituted in the streets and did not like it and was looking for a way out. Hande had been stabbed and beaten before.

December 2 2015; Alev, trans, Haramidere, Avcılar, Istanbul, stabbed in the heart and killed on the street by a sexbuyer

November 23 2015: Nilay, 33, trans, Maltepe, Istanbul, stabbed and strangled with the bathroom belt by a sexbuyer

August 31 2015: Linda Tutku, trans, Ortahisar, stabbed to death 200 times by a sexbuyer.

January 26 2015: B. E., trans, Istanbul, strangled to death by sexbuyer

October 10 2014: Cingene „Gypsie“ Gül, trans, romani citizen, Istanbul

July 9 2013: Dora Oezer, Kusadasi, trans

October 25 2012: Sehap Gunesar, 25, trans, Antalya, found with throat cut

September 6 2012: Cemile Cebiyeva

July 10 2012: Neşe Dilşeker, 46, trans, Antalya, found with throat cut

April 5 2012: Nükhet Kizilkaya, trans, near Izmir, stabbed to death with broken glass. The assailant Ozer Ozcam told the judge „Nukhet wanted me to be passive during anal sex; this drove me crazy. That is why I killed”

July 31 2011: Didem, trans, Findikzade, Istanbul, found with throat cut

„According to rights groups, 40 transgender persons — normally sex workers — were murdered in Turkey in 2011“ - Source:

August 3, 2008: Derya Y., 45, Diyarbakir. After Derya Y.'s daughter had not been able to reach her mother on the phone, she drove to her apartment. As her mother did not open the door she called the police who broke the door open to find Derya Y. dead with her hands and feet bound.

May 2, 2003, Songül Tekkeli, called Şule, 25, Konya. Şule was killed by sexbuyer Fedai Y. for „nonfullfilment“ of intercourse. She was found strangled and naked. Fedai Y. had also stolen her mobile phone.

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