Nkechi Jessica McGraa

Nkechi Jessica McGraa, Source: Facebook

„Ebony Bianca“, „Kelly West“

36 years old, nigerian

February 12 2016

Union Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland

Jessica met her husband Gareth, age 56, when he was working as a chief mechanic with Atlantic Drilling in Nigeria in 2005 in a Port Harcourt bar and got married shortly after that.

They had a son together (age 6), split when he was one year old.

Jessica was murdered by Bala Wadzani Chinda, age 25. She died of suffocation.

The rape and murder charge against Chinda further alleges he did “inflict blunt force trauma” to her head and neck before forcing her face into a pillow. It is said he held her face there and as a result – or “by other means to the prosecutor unknown” – he did “asphyxiate” Jessica.

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