Patricia Atkinson

Patricia Atkinson, Picture found at: METRO

Age: 32, British

April 23rd, 1977

Bradford, West Yorkshire, Great Britain

Victim of Peter Sutcliffe (“The Yorkshire Ripper”).

Patricia operated as a prostitute from her small flat at number nine Oak Avenue.

As she entered through her front door, Peter struck the back of her head with the same ball-pein hammer he had used on all of his previous victims. Before her unconscious body hit the floor, Peter struck her three more times. As the blood poured from her wounds, Peter began to remove her overcoat. He then lifted her and carried her to the bedroom and threw her down on the bed. There he ripped open her black leather jacket and blue shirt. Pulling up her bra to reveal her breasts, he then pulled her jeans down to her ankles. With a chisel he had removed from his pocket, he began to stab at Tina's exposed stomach. He turned her over and stabbed her in the back but had not penetrated the skin. Then he quickly turned her over again to stab her stomach again leaving a total of six stab wounds. Before he left her, Peter had pulled her jeans back up without realising it.

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