Ashley Masi

Ashley Masi, Source: Providence Journal

Born: November 7 1990

Age: 24

Tuesday, March 31 2015

214-216 River Avenue, Elmhurst, Providence, Rhode Island

Ashley was mother of three children, six year old twin girls and a 7 months old infant. She had recently moved out of her mothers apartment and moved in her new apartment and was proud of her new place. She hoped one day to become a nurses‘ assistant. Ashley struggled to support her three young daughters and needed money.

Ashley’s mother told the press that her daughter had troubled relationships with the men in her life. Ashley was supporting her daughters on her own: “All she worried about was how to make ends meet and make things better for the kids,” she said. And: “She put up ads now and then when she needed food for the kids“. In 2015, Ashley had been working as an escort for at least five years, and she usually engaged clients through online postings.

The father of the baby was not in a relationship with Ashley at the time of her death, but was involved in her life with respect to their child. Ashley’s cousin testified that he had sometimes been violent with Ashley, and in fact had injured her only a few days before her death – she had a black eye that was still discolored as of the day of her murder.

On March 31 2015 she posted an advertisement as escort on Her twins were with Ashley‘s mother, and her 23 year old cousin and flatmate took the infant daughter out of the apartment. The cousin testified that she was with Ashley, when she „started getting replies for her ad“ Shortly after 3 p.m. Ashley told her cousin, that a client was on his way. He entered through the back stairwell and the cousin testified, that she never saw him enter the apartment. She watched the baby in the front hallway while Ashley saw the client. Ashley had told her that the client would be there for an hour. After an hour and fifteen minutes passed, she began to worry, especially when Ashley did not respond to her text messages. She tried to call her phone, but it was turned off.

Daniel Tejeda, Source: Providence Journal

She found Ashley aroung 5:30 p.m. unresponsive in her bedroom. She had been strangled to with a zip-tie by Daniel Tejeda, age 28, dominican, with whom she had exchanged 20-plus messages in the hours leading up to her death. Ashley’s shirt was still on her body, but her pants were hanging over a chair. Her face was blue and the floor beneath her head was covered in blood. Emergency staff had tried for 20 minutes to save her life. The time of death was later determined tob e 5:56 p.m.

Tejeda’s DNA was found on the zip-tie around Ashley’s neck. Detectives found a pack of zip-ties with one missing in a bag at his mother’s house.

A Superior Court judge sentenced Daniel Tejeda to serve life in prison plus a consecutive non-parolable 25 years.

Vigil for Ashley Masi, Source: Providence Journal
Flowers for Ashley Masi, Source: WPRI
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