Janice Buono

Janice Buono, Source: FBI

Age 29

Missing since about January 1 2002

Body found on February 23 2002

Cache Road area, Lawton, Oklahoma

Janice was mother of three children. She loved to play Bingo and cook.

She was in prostitution in the Cache Road area of Lawton, where she went missing around January 1 2002.

Janice’s nude body was found in water close to a bridge in rural Comanche County on February 23 2002.

More than eightheen years after a series of murders against women in that area, investigators took a new route in trying to find what would seem tob e a serial killer or killers. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation featured the cases on playing cards, and the Departmend of Corrections sold the decks to inmates, hoping someone there will have information to solve the cold case homicides.

Janices’s dead remains unsolved.

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