Kelly Lynne Sallee

Kelly Lynne Sallee, Quelle: The Spokesman

Age: 55

From: Spokane, Washington

June 7 2015

Body found: June 11 2015, Hauser Lake Road, Hauser Lake, Idaho

Kelly was born on November 6, 1959 in Shelton, Washington

Kelly was a mother of three. She used to work at a restaurant, but a death in the family sent her into a downward spiral. She started to take drugs, which caused her to bounce around from home to home. She frequented East Sprague to make money for her drug habit.

Kelly was murdered by Patrick Neil McGhee (age 47). Her body was found partially submerged in a slough near Hauser Lake, a ligature was applied to her neck

Patrick Neil McGhee, Quelle: The Spokesman

McGhee, of Hauser Lake, was arrested later in June for failing to report her death. His charges were updated during a court hearing Tuesday to include second-degree murder, destruction of evidence, interstate prostitute trafficking and procurement of a prostitute, all of which are felonies.

Court documents say McGhee paid Sallee to have sex with him, and that he brought multiple women from Washington into Idaho to have sex with them since June 2014. Documents say he used bleach in an attempt to destroy his semen found on Sallee’s body.

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