Kristen Marti

Kristen Marti, Source: The Tribune

Age: 26

Last seen: January 9 2018

1800 block of Perfumo Canyon in San Luis Obispo, California

Found: April 2 2018, Prefumo Canyon

Kristen was a habitual heroin and methampetamine user, who either lived in local hotels or on the street. A family member had seen Kristen about a year before she went missing, her nose bleeding and she reportedly said that her boyfriend, Nick Reed, has assaulted her.

Kristen’s body was discovered with a slashed throat in a Prefumo Canyon creek bed. A forensic toxicologist found significant amounts of alcohol, cocaine, morphine, metamphetamine and an animal tranquilizer normally used by veterinarians, but also to cut cocaine, in Kristen’s system.

Robert William Koehler, 36, is accused of killing Kristen with a knife after allegedly meeting her for paid sex in a vehicle parked in Prefumo Canyon on Jan. 9. Koehler was known to seek women for sex on Craigslist and Tinder, even when he had a pregnant wife. He was arrested on May 16, after been identified as a person of interest in the case, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after a warrant was issued when he left San Luis Obispo County with his wife. They instructed the wife`s mother to sell everything they had left behind.

The first logged text conversation between Koehler and Kristen was on December 14 2017 and there were about 103 text messages between the two through January 9. The nature of the communications were „drugs and sex for money“. Earlier in the day, Koehler met another woman for sex. The woman told police she believed Koehler was high, sweating profusely and seemed frustrated. Koehler’s wife tried calling her husband at 10:32 p.m. Koehler then twice tried to call her. Text messages showed it was the couple’s anniversary.

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