Lauren Angela Block

Lauren Angela Block, Source: Enews Daily

Age: 22

Born: February 14, 1990

January 2 2013 (Died: January 8 2013)

Christie`s Cabaret, Cleveland, Ohio

Lauren Block was a stripper. She died after injuries suffered from falling head-first off a 15-foot balcony at Christie's Cabaret, a chain of „Gentlemen's clubs“.

This happened on January 2, when she was giving a private lap dance to Pasquale Storino, age 25. Lauren was rushed to the hospital with major head injuries and was initially listed in critical condition. After After spending a week in this condition at the MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, she succumbed to injuries.

Two men who witnessed the incident fled the bar as soon as Lauren fell off the balcony.

The detectives did not treat this as a criminal case, while a former co-worker said:

“Even in six inch heels, that railing came up high enough on me that I still had to lean over to see down below. So how she (Lauren) managed to get a majority of her body that far over the railing to where she lost her balance is confusing”

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