Teaira Batey

Teaira Batey, shortly before she disappeared, Source: twincities.com

Age: 28

Dissappeared: January 13 2014, Gary, Indiana

Remains found in October 2014 in an abandoned home in the 1800-block of East 19th Avenue

Teairas mother, Gloria Collum, said her Teaira was born in Chicago, but the family later moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. Teaira graduated from a high school in St. Paul. Around 2004, Batey moved with her mother to Gary to be closer to family members in Chicago.

Gloria Collum said her daughter loved everyone and was friendly. She said her daughter battled seizures throughout her life and had mental health problems. She was often willing to trust people. Teaira was bipolar and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression.

According to her mother Teaira was also HIV positive.

Marvin Clinton, age 45, started dating Teaira about nine years ago after he offered her a ride on a snowy night. He said Teaira was always willing to help others: „She was just the kindest, sweetest person that I knew“.

Marvin said he never saw Teaira doing drugs but he knew she had an off-and-on problem with heroin. She would sometimes get depressed, he said, when she thought about her two daughters. The girls, who are now (October 2014) 6 and 8 years old, were placed in the custody of the state and eventually adopted.

„She would stop and go clean two or three months but she would relapse,“ he said. „She just had a lot of personal things going on in her life that wasn't helping her to stay clean.“

Teaira was released from jail in November 2013, after serving about seven months for a drug conviction, her mother said. She said her daughter had stopped doing drugs and was trying to get her life together, including attending parenting classes. She was serving a six-year probation sentence at the time of her disappearance. Teaira had been involved in prostitution in the past, according to Marvin Clinton and Tanisha Cullom, but her sister said she had not been more recently. Clinton said she hadn't been involved in that for at least three years.

Teaira had a two year old boy together with Marvin Clinton.

The last time Gloria Cullom saw her daughter, they were grocery shopping together in Gary. „She said, 'I love you. I'll be back, Mama.' That's what she said to me, and she left, and she went with her friend, but she didn't come back that night.“

When she heard from her the next day, Teaira was crying, sounded scared and wanted someone to pick her up, Gloria Cullom said. She was never heard from again.

Marvin Clinton said it wasn't uncommon for Teaira to leave for about a week, but she always called to speak to their 2-year-old son. After a week or two went by and Teaira had not come back for her sons second birthday party, which she had planned herself, the family grew worried.

Teaira's family reported her missing in late January.

abandonded house in which Teaira was found, Source: People

In late February, Marvin Clinton said Teaira's friend, who goes by „China,“ started spreading rumors that Teaira was dead in an abandoned building in the city's west side. He said an officer interviewed the woman, but she would not cooperate.

He urged officers to search the buildings, but was told the department didn't have the manpower to search the city's thousands of abandoned structures. „They told us the only way she would be found is if someone would stumble on her body,“ he said. „That's a slap in the face.“

He estimates he searched 30 abandoned homes in the city before officers told him it was unsafe to do so by himself. Marvin Clinton said city officials sat down with him after Teira had been found and apologized for any mistakes made in the missing person's case.

Darren Deon Vann, Source: People

Teaira was murdered by serial killer Darren Deon Vann (age 43), who also killed six other women.

Teairas family members accused the police department of not doing enough: They say investigators lost a number of opportunities to find the missing woman, before she became the victim of the suspected serial killer, and before he murdered other victims.

When Teaira was finally found, her body was so decomposed that Clinton was told his only option was cremation, something Batey's mother Gloria Collum is still coming to terms with.

„My daughter laid in that building for nine months,“ she said. „She laid there rotting for nine months. If they would have found her earlier, at least I could have given her a funeral but now she's nothing.“

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