Yvonne Weems

Age: 37

January 12 1991

off Lake Acworth Drive in Acworth, Atlanta, Georgia

Yvonne’s body was found only partially clothed on the edge of Lake Acworth. She was shot twice in the torso and had been sexually assaulted.

The case was resolved 24 years later. As time went on, George Frederick Gengarelly moved to Florida, and was arrested in another violent sexual assault and beating. In 1995, Gengarelly was charged with second-degree murder in Volusia County, and in 1998, he was sentenced to 15 years prison

He was put in to the Florida corrections system, where he had to give up some of his DNA. More than two decades later Yvonne‘s death, in 2015, police reviewing her murder file found DNA existed in the evidence and decided to have it run through Codis. Gengarelly popped up as a match. After 33 days in the Cobb County jail, Gengarelly, 63, was found dead from an apparent suicide.

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