Prostitution Murders in United Arab Emirates

April 2019: name unknown, Abu Dhabi, robbed and suffocated to death by five men 1)

December 2018: name unknown, Abu Dhabi, suffocated and robbed by six men

September 2018: name unknown, Sharjah, got stabbed by her boyfriend after he found out she was in prostitution. She then allegedly took the knife and stabbed herself with it. He ran away in fear to the nearby gas station. Police apprehended him there.

July 19 2018: name unknown, african, Ras Al Khaimah, stoned to death by nine asian persons. The prostituted woman was murdered after a heated argument with one of the men over a money transaction. „A number of Asian men approached the scene and began stoning the victim. She was rushed to an emergency room and died one hour after being admitted to the intensive care unit“.

March 23 2018: name unknown, ethiopian, Al Ain City, strangled to death by a 32 year old sexbuyer 2)

February 23 2018: name unknown, strangled to death by 33 year old client

September 2016: name unknown, 19, Al Raffa, was murdered after she ran away from a john. Her body was found June 26 2017 in Umm Al Quwain.

August 2014: name unknown, age 43, Abu Dhabi, Al Zahiya, murdered by bangladeshian sexbuyers G.S., age 24, and M.M., age 21

March 11, 2013: name unknown, european, Dubai, two sexbuyers (23, 28) assaulted her till she lost consciousness, had sex with her and then killed her and buried the body. Both were sentenced to death

March 2013: name unknown, bangladeshi, Jebel Ali, Dubai, murdered by sexbuyer M.K. (29), bangladeshi. Her body was found in Dubai Investment Park in May 2014.

February 2010: M. H., uzbekian, Al Ain Road, Dubai, body tossed between the trees, murdered by sexbuyers Ahmedullah Nazar (42) and Ismael Haji (32)

2001: name unknown, russian, Al Muraqqabat, Dubai. The perpetrator K.S., kidnapped her, asphyxiated her and threw her body from the balcony of a seven-storey flat

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