Prostitution murders in South Africa

March 18 2019: Ayanda Denge, trans, Cape Town

January 4 2018: Siam Lee, 20, Durban. It is alleged that her death was linked to more than R50000 owed to a Nigerian drug dealer. It is believed Siam might have been taken for ransom until the debt was paid. “Her murder was clearly not planned; it seems to have been a kidnapping gone wrong,” said a private investigator who is assisting the police investigations.

February 2016: Name unknown, Nelspruit, murdered by a sexbuyer (not in map yet)

February 2016: Names unknown, Quigney, two shot to death and one injured by sexbuyer Aaron Khoza, 47 (not in map yet)

January 8 2016: name unknown, Burgershoop Cemetery, corner of Halgryn and Luipaard Streets, Krugersdorp West, two perpetrators were arrested in May 2016

December 2015: Name unknown, Petunia Road, Primrose, Germiston, body found in a rented room

November 9 2015: Koketso, Pretoria. Koketso had last been seen on November 5th.

October 2014: name unknown, 24, Krugersdorp West, committed suicide by hanging 1)

September 2 2014: Carmen Williams, 30, Cape Town, Woodstock, found under a bridge, she was eight months pregnant

August 18 2014: Desiree Murugan, 39, indian, Durban, Shallcross Stadium, stabbed 192 times and head decapitated by sexbuyer and five other man (three of them minors)

August 15 2014: Crystal Ann Newman, 23, Ocean View, Cape Town, murdered by Eben Kotze. Crystals body had been wrapped with sheets and tucked in the bushes.

August 3 2014: Anita Mambumba, 38, Cape Town, Khayelitsha, died from a head injury

August 2 2014: Shemise Gordon, „Klientjie“, 19, Cape Town, Kenilworth, beaten and stabbed, Shemise had run away from home and was using drugs

July 28 2014: Anisa Adams. 25, Cape Town, Loop Street, found murdered in the street

July 2014: Sonja Pietersen, 22, Cape Town, Heathfield, shot to death

April 13, 2013: Nokuphila Kumalo

March 13 2013: Anita Tumelo Loba, Steelport, murdered by sexbuyer Paul Andrew Opperman (age 25)

February 2010: Adrin Erna Haf, „Josie“, 24, beach near Noordhoek, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, was found semi-naked, Adrin was raped and then bludgeoned to death, then tossed into the sea

January 12 2001: name unknown, Capital Inn, Hotel, Church Street, Pretoria, strangled to death by a local man, 31

November 1999: name unknown, picnic spot, Pretoria. Strangled to death and had heid genitals burnt.

December 23 1999: name unknown, Danville, Pretoria, had been strangled and their genitals burnt. Found together with another murder victim.

December 23 1999: name unknown, Danville, Pretoria, had been strangled and their genitals burnt. Found together with another murder victim.

September 6 1998: name unknown, Marabastad, Pretoria.

August 1998: name unknown, Sunnyside, Pretoria, stabbed several times in the neck

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